Beautiful Banff Alberta Canada pictures

I drove toward Banff National Park from Calgary. Miles before I reached the mountains and the park, I could see the mtns. in the distance. It was one of the many wow moments I had in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

As I got closer to the mountains they looked more awe inspiring.

The next nine images are scenes which are close to the Town of Banff.

Spring shot

River and Mountain scene

A view of Mountains, sky and forest in the Rockies.

In Canada they had these overpasses which had vegetation on the them. These overpasses were for wildlife so they could get across, safely. Also, along Highway 1 was fencing on both sides of the road to keep wildlife from getting on the roadway.  

Below are several Lake Louise images

Beautiful fall scene with fresh snow on the treetops 

Mountains with either fog or snow 

Landscape Pictures

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