Beautiful pictures of Niagara falls

This gallery of color pictures of Niagara Falls captures the majesty and power of the awe-inspiring natural wonder visited by thousands of people from all over the world each year. 

Here you will find a variety of creative digital images and stock photographs portraying the unique environment and beautiful landscape experienced at Niagara Falls, with high-quality scenic and artistic pictures taken from both the United States and Canadian viewpoints. 

Early Morning sky over the Falls

This early morning picture of the American Falls was taken from Canada. The cool waters of the Niagara River flow over the cliffs at a height of over 165 feet, but the rock pile at the bottom breaks the fall of water at around 68 feet. 

The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are separated by Luna Island, and the Canadian Falls, also known as the Horseshoe Falls, sit further upriver. 

Capturing a spectacular picture of Niagara Falls often requires a perfect balance of sky and water, but in outdoor photography and nature photography, capturing the perfect image can take time, patience, and a willingness to look at nature and the environment from many different perspectives.

Taken in late winter, the pictures below show snow and ice on the American and Canadian falls. 

The season of the year or the time of day can give a whole new perspective, and the two images below captures the beauty of man and nature working in harmony as artificial lights illuminate Niagara Falls at night. 

Here's a fine art panorama of the American and Canadian Falls, followed by some close-up shots of the thundering water. Note the tourist boat passengers getting a different view of the waterfall. 

To capture a fuller view of the scene, this photo was shot off horizon. 

Four new shots of the Falls

Two photos of the Super Moon over the falls

Super Moon over Niagara Falls
Close-up of Super Moon over Niagara Falls

Early Morning image

Close-up of the water starting it's journey down

Rapids before the fall

Rapids before the falls

American Falls from the Canadian side

Early Morning taken from US side

Early Morning over both falls


Sunrise over Niagara Falls

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